“Five years ago, we hired Andrea to work with our second child, Landon. He barely spoke a word and what words he did speak you could hardly understand. She jumped right in, developing a solid, consistent and sweet relationship with our little boy. She has patiently endured yelling, teasing, crying, and laughing in order to help Landon reach his full potential. She sees beyond the diagnosis to the successful young man that we know is inside. We also worked for a time with her reading specialist, Monica Holland, whose unique approach to reading and writing were pivotal in helping Landon be successful in school. We attribute much of his amazing growth to the work both women have done with him. He is verbal, he is charming, and he is at grade level in all but one area in school. Not only has Andrea supported him, but also she has been a valuable resource and now a friend to me. As a mom with a special needs child, finding someone who appreciates the life you have and supports you through it all is invaluable. I go to her for advice about therapists, medicine, behaviors, and more. What she doesn’t have the answer to; she either finds or is a sounding board while I have muddled my way through all of the options. I highly recommend Andrea Crislip and the group, Crislip Speech Therapy.”